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The Timeless Quality of a Swiss Made Watch

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A Swiss Made watch has always represented the ultimate sign of quality - the perfect combination of function and design - and that isn’t likely to change anytime soon. The primary basis for such a sterling reputation lies in stringent regulations that are spelled out in legislation and strictly enforced by the Swiss government.

Characteristics of an Authentic Swiss Made Watch

If you want the absolute best in a watch, then you need to look for the exact phrase “Swiss Made.” There are specific criteria required to earn that designation and, surprisingly, many Swiss watch companies do not qualify. According to Swiss law, the only way watches may earn the right to display this phrase is if:

o It has Swiss movements.

o The movements have to be assembled and inspected in Switzerland.

o Swiss-manufactured components must account for at least 60% of the watch’s total value, aside from assembly costs.

o The movements are cased up in Switzerland.

o The final inspection of the entire watch is in Switzerland.

Unsuspecting buyers may purchase watches from Swiss brands, under the impression that they are receiving Swiss Made watches. Unless those watches are labeled "Swiss Made," the case could be from China, or the movement from Japan. Although no one can dispute that Asian technology and engineering is of high quality, these products do not meet the requirements that define "Swiss Made" watches.

Why It is Important to Buy a Swiss Made Watch

There are beautiful watches made in all parts of the world. However, the fact that a country has seen fit to enact legislation regarding the exact specifications of a product is evidence that you will be getting something truly unique, even in the world of luxury brands.

It is worth mentioning that Switzerland is keeping a very close eye on the situation. The 60% requirement has only recently been changed from 50%, and will go into effect January 2017. So discerning buyers are still assured of receiving the ultimate in quality by choosing products with the label "Swiss Made."

Who Will Appreciate an Authentic Swiss Made Watch?

There is still a significant portion of the world’s population who will value the quality inherent in a Swiss Made watch.

o Watch Enthusiasts who collect watches because they admire the exquisite craftsmanship and understand the value of a Swiss Made watch both as a timepiece and as jewelry.

o Fashion Consumers who consider watches an accessory but demand the highest level quality.

Of course, many of those who appreciate Swiss Made quality watches would like to purchase these high-end handmade timepieces without breaking the bank. That is no longer a problem.

Swiss Made Watches can be Affordable

Like many other luxury designations, a Swiss watch is often thought of as being out of reach to the average consumer, but nothing could be further from the truth. Some models are well within the resources of regular people who would like to celebrate a special achievement or occasion with a high-quality purchase that they can then enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Of course, quality does not come cheap, so a brand new Swiss Made watch can’t exactly be called "inexpensive." But while some of the most famous brands require an outlay of several thousand dollars, it is still very possible to find models for less than two thousand dollars.

In fact, it is the demand for lower prices that are forcing a shift in the industry and making affordable Swiss Made watches easier to find.

Luxury is Becoming More Accessible

So much of the world is now shopping online, which has traditionally been a barrier to the highest priced products due to the possibility of fraud. With the more affordable models, that is no longer the case. Carl JHones watches far exceed the minimum requirements to be labeled “Swiss Made,” since all of its products are genuinely made in Switzerland.

For instance, brands such as Carl JHones are pioneering a new approach that utilizes the best of old school quality combined with the latest that modern technology has to offer. The company is employing a direct-to-consumer model in partnership with a premier fulfillment company, which will allow for free, next-day shipping and order processing. In the near future, same day service will be available in certain locations.

Carl JHones is leading the way for luxury products to be offered in the same way that consumers expect from "regular" products. With exceptional customer service that includes a generous 101-day no-hassle return policy, 3-year Limited Warranty and socially responsible charitable partnerships, the business model is one that will appeal to contemporary buyers who have grown to expect a lot more from the brands that they engage with regularly.

A perfect example of this is the 24-month 'Change Your Style' program offered by Carl JHones. Owners of a Carl JHones watch will be able to receive 50% credit if they choose, within the first 24 months, to exchange their watch for a different model. This is the kind of flexibility and freedom that the modern customer desires.

The Future is Bright for Authentic Swiss Made Watches

All of these factors combine to present a clear signal that the market for authentic Swiss Made watches is poised to break out into the mass marketplace soon.

The internet has long been making it easier for consumers to become more educated about exactly what they are purchasing, even comparing products before making decisions. All that was left was for authentic Swiss Made watches to become more affordable and readily available online. Now that each of those developments exists, the path to mass popularity in retail sales should be a short one.

However, it bears noting that consumers have become much more discerning. Buyers now demand more, not only from the products they purchase but also from the companies with whom they do business. So it stands to reason that the most successful manufacturers of Swiss watches will be those who offer excellent customer service in addition to the highest quality Swiss made products.


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