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Orders, Shipping & Returns

  1. How much will my order cost to ship?
    Carl JHones offers FREE next day shipping on all U.S. orders. To ensure the secure delivery of your order, all products are shipped via Federal Express or UPS. We are therefore unable to ship to P.O. Boxes, AFB or any other addresses not covered by Federal Express or UPS delivery.

    To further safeguard your purchase, an adult over the age of 21 must sign for the shipment package at time of delivery.

    Orders received prior to the Carrier cut-off time of 1 p.m. will be processed and shipped on the same-day. All orders received after the Carrier cut-off time will be shipped on the following business day. Carl JHones cannot be responsible for unanticipated delays.

  2. What is my tracking number?
    As soon as your purchase ships, we will email you a shipping confirmation, which will allow you to track the status of your shipment online.
  3. How do I return/exchange my watch?

    If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase when it arrives, please retain all documentation and packaging and contact us immediately by sending an email to SERVICE@CARLJHONES.COM or calling Customer Service at 1-888-644-2690.

    Online purchases will be accepted for a full refund/exchange when returned in their original unused condition within 101 days of delivery, and accompanied by the original sales invoice. A Return Authorization Number (RAN), which may be obtained by calling Customer Service at 1-888-644-2690, is required for all returns/exchanges.

    Refunds will be issued to the purchaser in the same form of payment used for the original sales transaction. Gift recipients must contact Customer Service at 1-888-644-2690 to arrange an exchange; refunds will not be issued for watches received as gifts, and exchanges must be of equal or higher value.

    Credits cannot be issued until merchandise being returned or exchanged is received. Upon receipt of your Return Authorization Number, simply use the free shipping return label enclosed in the RAN email and send to our Customer Service Center at:

    CJWLLC 1825 Ponce de Leon Blvd, #51 Coral Gables, FL 33134

    Please note that Carl JHones Watch Company does not assume any responsibility for return packages that are lost, stolen, or mishandled. It is highly recommended that you ensure the watch for its full replacement value.


  1. What does the warranty cover?

    All Carl JHones watches are covered by a 36-month sales warranty from the date of purchase. Warranty details are provided in the Owner’s Manual booklet located in the Customer Service section of our website.

    Carl JHones watches are crafted to meet exacting standards of Swiss watch precision and performance.

    Every Carl JHones watch has only the highest quality materials and components. In addition, every watch leaves our factory in Switzerland in perfect running condition after undergoing stringent quality testing. 3 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY:

    Carl JHones will, within three (3) years from date of purchase, repair or replace (at Carl JHones option), the movement of your Carl JHones watch free of charge if such movement proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use. Original batteries are covered under the three (3) year limited warranty.

    The finish on Carl JHones PVD-finished watches will be warranted for a period of three (3) years against flaking and peeling only; scratching/erosion due to normal wear and tear is not covered. The case and/or bracelet will be refinished or replaced (at Carl JHones option) should such finish prove to be defective in material or workmanship.

    WARRANTY EXCLUSIONS: This warranty does not cover straps, bracelets, cases or crystals, nor does it cover damage arising from normal wear, scratches, accidents or misuse, or from any alteration, service or repair performed by any party other than Carl JHones Watch Company or one of its Authorized Service Centers.

Parts & Care

  1. How often should I have my watch serviced?
    Generally, a watch should be serviced every three to four years. However, the time in between services depends on the model, climate, and the care of the watch by the owner.
  2. Is there anything I can do to preserve and prolong the lifetime of my watch?
    In order to preserve and prolong the lifetime of your watch we recommend the following:
    • Always send your watch to the Carl JHones Authorized Service Center for service
    • Avoid placing your watch in magnetic fields such as speakers, TV's, or refrigerators
    • Prevent direct contact with chemicals, or other abrasive agents such as detergents or perfumes
    • Avoid shocks
  3. Am I able to wear my watch while I shower?
    Watch seals are generally designed to withstand only casual contact with water, such as splashes of water and rain. We also do not recommend you shower, enter steam rooms, or bathe while wearing your watch. Many agents, including steam, soap, mildew, salt water, perfume and chlorine can get into the watch, and if not cleaned immediately, the gaskets and seals can break down over time, allowing dust or moisture to penetrate the case and potentially damage the moving components of your watch.
  4. Am I able to wear my watch while I swim?
    If your watch is a water-resistant model, then you can swim with it on. However, make sure that the crown (knob to set the time) is properly closed; otherwise water can penetrate the case through it. However, if your watch has a leather strap, we don't recommend that it be exposed to water, because it may get damaged.
  5. What is the difference between a chronometer and a chronograph?
    A chronometer is an extremely accurate timepiece that has been certified by the COSC, Controle Ofciel Suisse des Chronometres, which is a Swiss laboratory and neutral body. They certify the watch when it has met all their rigorous requirements, which include various tests for several days, in different positions, and at different temperatures. A chronograph watch is able to accurately measure brief intervals of time as well as elapsed time. It is able to indicate the time of day by means of displaying the hours, minutes, and seconds, while also acting as a stopwatch.
  6. What is the function of a "GMT" on a watch?
    GMT is the abbreviation for Greenwich Mean Time. It means that two or more time zones are being displayed.
  7. Can Carl JHones watches be worn in the water?

    Carl JHones watches are designed to be water resistant to a pressure of 5 ATM (50m/165ft), 10 ATM (100m/330ft), as indicated on the case back.

    Watches are pressure tested in a laboratory by means of tests conducted at various pressures corresponding to the pressure experienced by a swim - mer or diver sitting still at various depths.

    However, many water-based activities involve a lot of movement and other environmental changes which exceed the boundaries of the tests conducted and may therefore affect the water resistance of a watch.

    A watch's water resistance cannot be guaranteed indefinitely, as it may be affected by aging gaskets or an accidental impact to the watch.

    We also recommend that you do not under any circumstances open the watch yourself and do not adjust the time-setting crown and/or pushers (buttons) when your watch is underwater. Similarly, check that the crown is in position 1 (pushed in) or screwed down (depending on the model) before you enter the water.

  8. What is a tachymeter and how is it used?
    On a watch, a tachymeter is used to measure average speed over a given distance. To be specific it is a chronograph with a graduated scale on the dial or the bezel, on which speed can be read off in kilometers per hour based on a 1000m distance. To read the tachymeter, only the chronograph's central hand is used. Start the chronograph and stop it once 1000m have been traveled. You can then read off the speed indicated on the dial by the chrono - graph's central hand.
  9. What is the battery life?
    Battery life usually varies between three and five years depending on the type of watch, its dimensions and the amount of energy required by its various functions. For example, a watch whose chronograph is activated continually will have a higher energy consumption than a watch which only displays hours and minutes.
  10. Can I wear a Carl JHones stainless steel watch if I am allergic to nickel?
    The high-quality stainless steel (316L) used by Carl JHones are subject to rigorous quality tests which exceed European and international standards, particularly in relation to standard EN1811:2011 on the release of nickel. However, if you are allergic to nickel, we recommend you purchase a watch which is PVD coated.
  11. What does PVD mean?
    PVD stands for "Physical Vapour Deposition". It is a process performed under vacuum which deposits microscopic particles on the products by ion bombing or sputtering, to form a protecting coating on their surface with a specific color. Very thin layers (1 m) of impurity-free components can be obtained which possess high levels of hardness and hypo-allergenic qualities.
  12. How do magnetic fields affect my Carl JHones watch?
    The exposure of your watch to strong magnetic fields will affect its time keeping and may cause it to stop. A quartz watch will resume working with original accuracy when it is removed from the magnetic field. A mechanical watch may require demagnetization.
  13. Is my bracelet scratch-proof or scratch-resistant?
    A watch may be made of a scratch-resistant material; although no material is truly scratch-proof. The following steps are recommended when handling your watch:
    • Wrap your watch in a soft cloth prior to placing it on any hard surface.
    • When possible, store your watch in the original box/case.
    • Avoid dropping the watch in a drawer or jewelry box, to prevent it from being scratched by coming in contact with other pieces of jewelry.
    • Avoid wearing your watch during high-risk activities, for example, when lifting or moving heavy objects or engaging in sports activities.
    • Avoid wearing your watch on the same wrist as another piece of jewelry. They could rub against and scratch each other.
  14. What is the best way to clean my Carl JHones watch?
    Clean your watch regularly by wiping it with a soft cloth dampened with fresh water, especially after exposure to seawater. To maintain water resistance, yearly maintenance is required. The gaskets and crown, which seal the case, are subject to wear and deterioration under normal use. These parts should be inspected and replaced, as needed each time the watch is opened for service, including battery changes.
  15. Do I need to wind my quartz (battery) watch?
    No, the movement of your quartz watch is powered by a battery. If your watch is losing time, the battery may need to be replaced or the movement itself may need service.
  16. Will pulling out my stem/crown extend the life of the battery?
    We do not recommend pulling out your stem/crown to try to extend the life of your battery. In addition to exposing the movement to dust and moisture, which can cause it to malfunction, pulling out the stem will not prolong battery life. Pulling the stem out simply disengages the hands from the movement; the movement continues to run and the battery's power is still being depleted.
  17. Can my local jeweler service my watch?

    The warranty on all of our watches states that we will not accept watches for repair under warranty if someone other than a Car l JHones Watch Authorized Service Center opens the watch. The warranty will be considered void and of no effect if the watch is opened by any such person or business.

    Therefore, we encourage consumers to send watches that are under warranty only to Carl JHones Watch Company or its Authorized Service Center.

    If a watch is no longer under warranty, anyone who has proper technical training and equipment (including water-resistance testers) may perform repairs on our products. However, the ultimate responsibility is with the service provider.

    Carl JHones Watch Company is not responsible for the work of any outside service providers and may not be able to repair any potential damage caused by such service providers.

  18. How should I pack and mail my watch?
    When mailing your watch for repair or service, please:
    • Pack it securely in padded wrapping materials (for protection against shock) in a sturdy box sealed with tape. DO NOT use the display box that came with your watch; it is not designed for shipping.
    • If still under warranty, please include a copy of the original sales receipt along with the Return Authorization Number (RAN) written on the receipt.
    • Ship the watch using the return label provided to you with the RAN. Remember to insure your watch for its full replacement value. To ensure safe delivery, please do not put "Carl JHones Watch Company" or any other watch identifier on the cover of the package. Note: Our Carl JHones Watch facility is NOT OPEN to walk-in customers.
  19. How long does a typical repair take?

    After your watch is received, it takes approximately 15 business days to process the watch and have it reviewed by a professional. We will provide you with a list of the repairs required and/or recommended to ensure that your watch keeps time properly, can be worn securely on your wrist and is water resistant.

    We then send you a written estimate via email so you can examine the proposed work and the associated costs (if the watch is not under warranty, or the required service is not covered under the terms of the warranty).

    If you decide to proceed with the repair/service work, you can respond to the estimate via email and a repair invoice will be issued.

    Once you have authorized the repair work, it will take an average of 15 business days to complete the repair, however your Estimate will give you greater detail. The standard return delivery is via FedEx 2nd Day Delivery, Signature Required.

  20. Can you get scratches off of my case and bracelet?
    We will refinish your case and/or bracelet at your request, or if we feel it is required as part of the repair. For Stainless Steel, Gold or Stainless Steel/Gold combinations:
    • All cases and bracelets will be refinished to the best extent possible, based on their existing conditions when received by Carl JHones Watch Company.
    • Prior to refinishing, the movement is removed to prevent any damage during the refinishing process
    • Removable links are separated and refinished individually.
    • Non-removable links of different materials or finishes are masked and polished, or satin finished, in separate steps.
  21. What is the water resistance maintenance?

    Water resistance is achieved by installing seals between the major parts of the watch case. The watch is fitted with a series of gaskets and a specially designed crown, which together, seal the watch and prevent moisture from entering the case.

    To maintain the integrity of this water-resistant system, periodic maintenance is required. The gaskets and crown are subject to wear and deterioration under conditions of normal use. Therefore, these parts should be inspected and replaced, as needed, each time the watch is opened for service, including battery changes.

    In addition, water-resistant watches must be tested to ensure that the proper seal has been re-established. NOTE: All work performed by Carl JHones Watch Company carries a one-year warranty.

  22. Can I order additional links for my bracelet?
    Not at this time; however, due to our double folding two-pusher clasp system additional links may not be necessary.


  1. Errors and inaccuracies

    Our goal is to provide complete, accurate, and up-to-date information on our website. Unfortunately, it is not possible to ensure that any website is completely free of human or technological errors.

    This website may contain typographical mistakes, inaccuracies, or omissions, some of which may relate to pricing and availability, and product information.

    We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions, including after an order has been submitted, and to change or update information at any time without prior notice. While we try to ensure that all prices on our website are accurate, errors may occur.

    If we discover an error in the price of the merchandise you have ordered, we will give you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or canceling it. If we are unable to contact you after 5 business days, we will treat the order as canceled.

  2. Transfer of ownership and indemnity
    Title to products you order on this website, and risk of loss or damage to those products, passes to you upon delivery, provided that we have received payment in full for the products


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    Klarna is a global payment solutions company that provides customers with a simpler and seamless buying experience. Learn More at
  2. What is Pay Over Time?
    Pay over time is an affordable and highly flexible financing option which is offered at our checkout. This open end line of credit is issued by WebBank in partnership with Klarna, and it allows you to pay for your purchases over time. Review detailed pay over time FAQs on
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    It’s simple! Just select “Klarna” at checkout to proceed to the application where you will enter simple, top-of-mind information to apply. You will know in seconds which payments plan you are approved for, including how much you will pay monthly and in total. Once completed, the merchant will ship your order and Klarna will send you an email regarding upcoming payments. Payments are managed here on
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